Welcome to the Balloon Sinuplasty website.
My name is David Lowe.
I am a fully accredited ENT surgeon and Consultant in Rhinology based in the North East. 
I treat patients with sinus problems from the whole of the North East as well as visiting patients from Scotland and Ireland.

I specialise in nose and sinus surgery and balloon assisted sinus surgery in particular. I have trained surgeons internationally in this technique and have performed this surgery successfully on around 800 separate sinuses.

Balloon sinuplasty is a fantastic technology which offers less invasive clearance of sinus disease under general or local anaesthetic. It often allows return to work within a day or two of surgery and rarely needs repeating. It is extremely unusual for this technique to fail to improve sinusitis and related problems.

It is particularly useful for those with frontal / forehead sinus problems and those who either dive or fly frequently but allows the sinus channels to be gently stretched open with a pressurised balloon and also subsequent flushing out of each sinus with salt water under pressure.

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